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Say Goodbye To Manual Schedules
With Automated Restaurant Employee Scheduling Software

  • Schedule teams across all your restaurants
  • Analyze your business capacity and schedule accordingly
  • Minimize labor law compliance mistakes
  • Reduce no-shows and downtime
Waitress opening a restaurant on time

Why Our Customers Choose OPTAS

See what our clients say about our restaurant scheduling software

Owner of cafe chain Inga using OPTAS
Inga K.
Owner Of Cafe Chain

I was looking for solution to ease my every day employee scheduling tasks. With OPTAS I finally had the confidence to delegate this task to my assistant and I am sure that the quality of schedules is the same as I would make them.

Restaurant manager Arnas using OPTAS
Arnas R.
Restaurant Manager

We used to track when employees arrive and leave work on a paper sheet. There were a lot of mistakes happening. By using OPTAS TimeClock app to track exact employee working hours I save at least 5 hours every month.

Waitress Anna using OPTAS
Anna P.

I like that my managers finally changed printed schedules to OPTAS app. I don't need to ask someone to look up the schedule for me, I have the latest info in my phone whenever I need.

Restaurant Staff Scheduling Made Easy

We developed a solution that enables you to manage your team's schedules single-handedly.

Schedules for multiple establishments

Manage all your restaurants and employees

A growing business like yours can't be tied to one place. However, opening new restaurants across the city or country brings many challenges. With OPTAS, restaurant employee scheduling won't be one of them. Our auto-scheduler allows you to manage multiple establishments and create schedules for dozens of employees using a single system.

OPTAS restaurant scheduling software for different departments

Automated scheduler

Fully automate your scheduling processes

When we say our scheduling app for employees does everything for you, we mean it – no complicated spreadsheets, manual work, or pseudo-automated features. You get what you pay for – an automated system that only asks you to put employee preferences, rules, and priorities to do the rest automatically.

OPTAS scheduling software automatically assigns shifts to restaurant employees

Scheduling on the go

Access your schedules wherever you are

You don’t need to carry a big piece of paper or log into your office computer to see who’s working today. With our restaurant employee scheduling software, you can access and manage employee schedules on your phone. The scheduling app for employees is fully compatible with your mobile devices, enabling easier and more efficient team management.

OPTAS employee scheduling app is available on the phone

Benefits For You And Your Team

No more paper schedules, no-shows, and being overwhelmed during peak hours – schedule smarter – choose OPTAS.
Time tracking

Track your staff’s performance

OPTAS lets employees clock in and out of work, making it easier for you to track how well they're doing and if they're working enough hours. The system automatically calculates employees' working hours, missed days, vacations, breaks and generates informative reports in seconds to optimize your human resources.

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Cheerful waitress standing at counter
Personalized schedules

Listen to your team

OPTAS employee scheduling software lets employees select the days they can and can't work, and the days they would rather not. They can also give their reasoning – perhaps they have an urgent doctor's appointment or don't want to work with a particular colleague. Record their preferences and let the system update the schedule accordingly.

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Happy restaurant employees enjoying coffee
Real-time schedule updates

Change schedules seamlessly

Do you still print out monthly schedules that, after a while, are full of edits and changes? No wonder people don't show up some days, and there's no one to switch shifts with them. Our system allows you to make schedule changes as the month goes by and notify employees and managers, helping you avoid no-shows and service disruptions.

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Restaurant's chef enjoying coffee before his shift
Predefined working hours

No unnecessary work for you

Restaurants employ many students, part-time and seasonal employees, who might have other responsibilities that prevent them from working at certain times. If you know their availability in advance, input this information into the system, and it’ll automatically continue scheduling them based on their monthly availability.

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Restaurant manager using employee scheduling software
Performance-based schedules

Optimize your staff’s performance

Restaurants and cafes rely on servers, bartenders, hosts, cooks, and other staff members to ensure smooth customer service. Based on specific rules, you can schedule certain positions, such as bartenders and servers, to always work together. You can also pair new employees with experienced staff to help them learn faster and reduce downtime.

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Chef preparing a meal

Other Features You And Your Staff Appreciate

We are all about automation to make your life easier and give clarity to your team.

Integration with other software
Shift swaps between employees
Compliance with labor laws
Rotating shift scheduling
Multiple schedules for different teams within the restaurant

Streamline employee scheduling

... and enjoy stress-free work

Chef preparing a dish

How does shift scheduling tool work?

When we say that we created OPTAS to make your work easier, we mean it every step of the way. It’s that simple:

  • 01

    Request employee availability

    Ask your employees to put their availability for the upcoming work period.

  • 02

    Set rules

    Specify staff demand, select rules and priorities for the auto-scheduler.

  • 03

    Start auto-scheduler to work

    System automatically makes a schedule for employees based on their availability and the required restaurant capacity.

  • 04

    Make changes

    Make changes, add more employees, customize the schedule, and swap staff members.

  • 05

    Publish schedule

    Receive notifications to your email or phone about new schedules or any changes.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to automate your restaurant employee scheduling, let’s find the optimal solution for your business and team.

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  • We’ll have a discovery call to learn your unique restaurant needs
  • We’ll arrange a workshop where you can experience what it’s like to fully automate the scheduling for your team
  • If you like what you see, we’ll get you ready quickly

Do you have more questions?

Find answers to the frequently asked questions or contact us to talk to an expert.

Restaurant scheduling software automatically creates working schedules for your staff. This solution reduces the time and resources you spend creating schedules for numerous employees across different departments and provides statistics and reports about your restaurant's capacity, peak times, etc.

Yes, you can easily add multiple establishments and employees from different restaurants to create schedules for them. You can also generate schedules for employees working at several locations and share these timetables with management at each restaurant.

Of course, contact us, and we'll arrange a trial to demonstrate how our restaurant scheduling software works.

Yes, you can integrate OPTAS with other systems you use in your business, such as staff, payroll, document management, and other solutions.
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Let’s make your job easier.

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