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OPTAS creates the best work schedule automatically

Automatic efficient scheduling tool that uses artificial intelligence

OPTAS - automatic efficient shift planning tool
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Your smart automated scheduling tool

OPTAS artificial intelligence creates work schedules taking into account such requirements:

Work schedule according to Labour Law requirements

maximum working time per week, compulsory rest between shifts, etc

Bank of hours rules

calculation of expected working hours for month and accounting period, overtime or downtime

Shift work schedule

schedule according to shift demand on certain day of the month / week, requirements form employees to have skills to work in certain shifts

Planning according to employee contracts

position, skills, employee's working hours, day / night work

Scheduling according to employee availability

holidays, family days, days off, working time preferences (to not) work in a certain shift

Custom business rules

shift patterns, rolling schedule, custom shifts, teamwork, staff starting shifts together, etc

Automated scheduling process with OPTAS

Automated work scheduling process with OPTAS system

Main OPTAS system features

Automatic work schedule creation

OPTAS independently and quickly creates work schedules, tries millions of different options and finds the most suitable option for your organisation.

Bank of hours

When scheduling system ensures that Labour Law requirements and bank of hours rules are met. If they are broken, system warns user.

Automatic reporting about work schedule

Visable real time summaries of employees' working time, rest, busyness, and work schedule's daily coverage in shifts.

Digital work schedules

OPTAS digitizes organisation's processes of creating, approving and recording time attendance. Relevant data is available online in one place.

OPTAS - automatic efficient shift planning tool

Quick reaction to changes

In case of changes in work schedule or no-shows of employees, system ensures easy adjustment of the schedule.

Accurate recording of time attendance

Employees clock-in and clock-out via OPTAS TimeClock app. Managers are immediately informed if employees are late for work.

Creating timesheets

Timesheet is created automatically taking into account published work schedule, actual employee working hours and timesheet hour rounding rules.

Integration with other systems

OPTAS can work with payroll, personnel management, access control or other systems used in your organisation.

OPTAS Time Clock - accurate time attendance tracking

Involving employees in scheduling

Employees can submit their preferences (for work, rest time) through OPTAS app before the work schedule is made.

Fair work organisation

System creates work schedules in such way that night shifts are evenly distributed among employees and that overtime or downtime is minimized.

Shift swapping between employees

With OPTAS app employees will be able to easily exchange shifts directly with the right teams members.

Information about new work schedule

Approved work schedule becomes available to employees on their phones or is sent by email with the click of a button.

Employees can view schedules on OPTAS app
OPTAS – a modern, up-to-date solution that grows with your company

Constant updates, maintenance and attentive listening to the customer's needs allow us to create the product that you need. There is no need to worry about the changed Labour Law rules, as our team ensures timely compliance with its’ requirements in the system.

It is always possible to adapt the program to the individual needs of your company.

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The monthly price depends on the number of employees and the functionality You choose to use. Additional discounts apply when purchasing services for a longer period of time and / or including more than 100 employees.

VAT is excluded.


For those who need a better way to plan their team shift work
€2 / employee / month.
  • Scheduling tool
  • Compliance with Labour Law
  • Bank of hours rules
  • Analytical data of work schedules
  • Employees can view schedules on app
  • Work schedule export & printing


For those who want to automate their shift scheduling and / or time attendance data collection processes
€4,5 / employee / month.
  • features included in Essentials
  • Automatic shift scheduling
  • Configurable scheduling rules
  • Finding replacement staff for sick-leave or dropped shifts
  • Employee attendance tracking and timesheet export
  • Sending work schedules to employees via email


For those who want to the maximum automate and involve employees in the shift scheduling process
€8,5 / employee / month.
  • features included in Professional
  • Providing employee availability requests through app
  • Work schedule approval and signing (multi-level managers)
  • Employees' confirmation of work schedule
  • Time clock app for tracking employee time attendance
  • Automatic timesheet creation

* Minimal number of employees included in system – 20.

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