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More Efficient Production And Smooth Teamwork
With Manufacturing Time Tracking And Scheduling Software

  • Track your team's attendance
  • Make schedules for dozens of employees in minutes
  • Schedule based on your production plan
  • Fill in empty shifts with just a few clicks of a button
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Why Manufacturing And Production Companies Choose Us

2000 manufacturing employees use OPTAS daily.

Factory owner Mantas using OPTAS
Mantas D.
Factory Owner

We have many departments in our factory and all of them are like different republics, with their rules, various excel schedules. We wanted to standardize scheduling process in the whole company and OPTAS helped us achieve just that.

CFO Dalia using OPTAS
Dalia S.

We use various IT systems in our company - HR, access control, payroll. Data was transmitted between them manually. OPTAS helped to combine all these systems and now we can conveniently access everything in one place. No more excels and manual data transfer.

Team Lead Julius using OPTAS
Julius A.
Team Lead

With OPTAS, I can easily create rolling schedules. Employee time attendance data is matched and compared with the planned shift schedule. That way I don't have to compare in two places what was the plan and how it was actually worked.

Automated Solution For Your Manufacturing Business

Solve all your employee scheduling problems with one automated solution.

Fully optimized scheduling

Boost your production with automation

Employee scheduling impacts your entire business. You have to consider workers' machinery expertise and production needs while quickly responding to labor or workload changes. No more tedious and never-ending scheduling. Schedule dozens of employees in one go, while maintaining fair schedules, meeting your production demand, and filling all shifts in minutes.

OPTAS restaurant scheduling software for different departments

Minimized downtime

Create efficient rotating shift schedules

Every manufacturing business is unique, that's why we created a versatile solution to give you more control of your workforce and operations. Use rotating shift templates, such as 3 days on and 3 days off, to generate schedules for all your workers. All while making sure there's always someone to cover the shifts for an efficient and downtime-free production process.

OPTAS scheduling software automatically assigns shifts to restaurant employees


Track your team's attendance

In the manufacturing business, every minute counts. OPTAS manufacturing time-tracking software lets every worker mark the exact time they show up to work and leave. The system displays staff attendance based on location, resolving any confusion or job contract violations. You can use this information for your payroll accounting or employee evaluation reports.

OPTAS employee scheduling app is available on the phone

Schedule Automation Benefits For Manufacturing Companies

Make employee scheduling work for you, not the other way around.
Schedules based on competencies

Seamless production work

Operating machinery is a difficult task that requires responsibility and skills. You can't just let anyone do it. With OPTAS, you can schedule employees based on their skills and competencies. Always have someone experienced operating machinery to run your business like clockwork.

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Schedules based on demand

Never run out of the workforce

Does your business operate based on the demand fluctuations from your customers? With OPTAS, you can recognize the busiest production times and let the system schedule more staff on those days, all while keeping the agreed schedules and complying with your local labor laws. Always have extra hands to handle an increased workload.

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Happy restaurant employees enjoying coffee
Every shift is filled

Don't miss a second

Your production process can't stop just because someone got sick or couldn't come to work. Employee scheduling software for manufacturing automatically finds the best replacements to fill in each shift. It also sends notifications to relevant employees and other managers to inform everyone about the change, all while you don't miss even a second of your production.

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Restaurant's chef enjoying coffee before his shift
Happier team

Increase employee retention

Once you find reliable and hardworking people, you can't afford to lose them. Increase your staff retention with fair scheduling. Let your employees select when they can and can't come to work and days when they need time off, have a vacation or other responsibilities. The system will schedule everyone accordingly without violating your local labor laws.

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Restaurant manager using employee scheduling software
Faster and more accurate payroll

Cut your payroll transfer time by 90%

How do you know if you're not losing money? No-shows and latecomers cause business downtime and lost profits. With the AI-powered TimeClock functionality, track when each employee arrives and leaves work. The system transfers this information to your payroll systems within seconds. No manual calculations, mistakes, or inaccurate payroll accounting — only fair salaries for everyone.

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Manufacturing Time Tracking Software In Numbers

Increase your productivity right from the start.

% fewer no-shows and latecomers

% fewer labor law violations

% more accurate timesheet data for payroll

% less unproductive time

Effortless Staff Scheduling with Manufacturing Time Tracking Software

Sit back and relax while OPTAS does the manual work for you.

Three women using a restaurant employee scheduling software

How Does Manufacturing Time Tracking And Scheduling Software Work?

Our employee scheduling solution is designed to cut most of the manual work. You only need to:

  • 01

    Ask your staff to put their schedule preferences

    Ask your employees to put their availability for the upcoming work period.

  • 02

    Choose rules and priorities

    Specify staff demand, select rules and priorities that are important to you for the auto-scheduler to implement.

  • 03

    Start auto-scheduler

    System automatically creates a schedule for employees based on their availability, working capacity, and the competencies necessary for operating machinery.

  • 04

    Make changes

    Make changes, add more employees, customize the schedule, and swap shifts.

  • 05

    Publish schedule

    Send notifications to employees’ email or phone about new schedules and changes.

Next Steps

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Frequently asked questions

Let’s clear up all your doubts about manufacturing time-tracking software.

Employee scheduling software for manufacturing is a digital solution that lets you automatically create schedules for your entire team faster and more accurately. OPTAS solution uses artificial intelligence, allowing it to create schedules in minutes, minimizing mistakes and maximizing your team's efficiency.

To schedule your employees, use automated employee scheduling software for fast and accurate workforce management.

OPTAS uses AI algorithms to select the best times for every worker, considering their working preferences, business capacity, and customer demand. Instead of spending hours creating schedules, the system does it for you in minutes.
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