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Replace Boring Spreadsheets
With Automated Scheduling Software For Hotels

  • One system for creating schedules, attendance tracking, and notifying the staff
  • Fully automated
  • Compliance with local labor laws
  • No more downtime and no-shows
Less work for you, more clarity for your team.
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A happy manager at a hotel restaurant

1 850 Hospitality Workers Enjoy OPTAS

See what our clients say about our hospitality staff scheduling software.

Restaurant manager Nathan using OPTAS
Nathan S.
Restaurant Manager

OPTAS took scheduling burden off my shoulders almost completely. Before that, no one wanted to do this job. And I'm not surprised why. It is so easy to schedule with OPTAS. Everything you need is in one place, so there is no space for mistakes to happen.

HR specialist Andrea using OPTAS
Andrea K.
HR Specialist

We didn't like the situation we were in - using Excel for scheduling, sending emails, many mistakes happening. After launching OPTAS in our hotel chain, we were able to modernize this area completely. It saves so much time and brings clarity for everybody.

Receptionist Laura using OPTAS
Laura A.

I love that I'm able to combine my study schedule with my work schedule. Instead of writing emails to our team lead, we provide availability through OPTAS. I'm not nervous any more 'cause I know I'll get that free day.

Do you know that creating schedules for employees can be fun?

Or at least that’s what our clients say after using OPTAS.

Schedules for every department

Create schedules for your entire team

Creating a schedule for the entire hotel staff manually can quickly get out of hand. Our hospitality scheduling software creates schedules automatically for restaurant workers, servers, administration staff, and others within minutes. Your only task is to give tasks to the system.

OPTAS hospitality scheduling software for different departments

Schedule preferences

Streamline your work

When you manage numerous people, keeping track of their preferred working hours is nearly impossible. Automated hospitality scheduling software eases the burden on you and lets everyone register their preferences and days when they can and can’t come to work. No need to keep up with countless reminders, notes, and changes, OPTAS does it for you.

OPTAS employee scheduling preferences and templates


Stay informed about your business

Working in a hotel can be hectic sometimes (or most of the time). Occasionally, people need to work overtime, and during the low season, they may leave earlier. Our automated hospitality time tracking app lets you clock in your team’s working time and notify you when someone exceeds or doesn’t meet their required working hours.

Employee attendance information on scheduling software for hotels

The Benefits Of OPTAS Scheduling Software For Hotels

One software solution that will transform employee scheduling as you know it.

Quick and easy

Make schedules 70% faster

Track when your staff comes in and leaves work to see if they exceed working hours or work too little, regardless of their working arrangement (part-time, full-time, rotating shifts). Get statistics on your team’s performance for a better outlook on your business. And all this with just a few clicks of a button. What will you do with all this free time?

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Hotel manager using a hotel staff scheduling system

No downtime and no-shows

65% fewer no-shows and late arrivals

When you think you’re finished with the schedule, someone gets sick or can’t come, causing disruptions in your business. Our hotel management software lets employees select the days they want to work, would rather not, or can’t attend. The system automatically plans a timetable to meet everyone’s preferences and the required staff capacity.

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Hotel employee standing at the front desk


Compliance with labor laws

Every country is different, that's why we created a system that lets you select rules that work for you and your team. If you have hotels in different locations, you can customize our hospitality auto-scheduler according to your local labor requirements and be notified when the schedule doesn’t comply with the law.

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A hotel waiter serving drinks

Everyone on board

Let your team be part of the scheduling

Once you finish the schedule for the month, select to share it with your staff so that everyone can see their timetable. If someone can’t come on their scheduled day, they can put it into the system and notify others to prevent no-shows and downtime. You can make schedules visible to everyone, allowing employees to swap shifts and inform others about any changes.

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Room service employee serving rooms

Integrations with other systems

Build an integrated business ecosystem

We understand that we’re not the first hotel management system you use. That’s why we offer quick and user-friendly integration with other salary, staff, and hotel management software solutions you use. We’re always ready to help with integrations and train your team.

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A laptop, mobile phone, pen, and notebook on a table

Oh, And There’s More

A standard solution with features that are made to work for hotels.

Real-time data
On-call employee scheduling
Rotating shift scheduling
Automated calculations
Access rules for employees

Imagine all the free time you’ll have...

... when the system does scheduling for you. Wouldn’t it be nice?

Two women using a hospitality staff scheduling app

How Our OPTAS Hotel Management Software Works

It’s not your typical spreadsheet, OPTAS hotel scheduling does the heavy lifting for you:

  • 01

    Request employee availability

    Ask your employees to put their availability for the upcoming work period.

  • 02

    Set rules

    Specify staff demand, select rules and priorities for the auto-scheduler.

  • 03

    Start auto-scheduler to work

    System automatically makes a schedule for employees based on their availability and the necessary hotel staffing capacity.

  • 04

    Make changes

    Make changes, add more employees, customize the schedule, and swap staff members.

  • 05

    Publish schedule

    Receive notifications to your email or phone about new schedules or any changes.

How can you try OPTAS?

If you’re ready to automate your hotel staff scheduling, let’s find the optimal solution for your business and team.

Book a discovery call
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  • We’ll arrange a discovery call to discuss your unique needs
  • We’ll organize a workshop where you can experience what it’s like to fully automate the scheduling for your team
  • If you like what you see, we’ll get you ready in no time

Do you have more questions?

Find answers to the frequently asked questions or contact us to talk to an expert.

You can easily customize our system to comply with your local labor laws. Whenever you overbook your staff or exceed the hourly quota, the system notifies you. Additionally, OPTAS supports English and Lithuanian languages, and we also offer the possibility to translate the system into your preferred language.

OPTAS is customizable, allowing hotels with several employees and large hospitality companies with thousands of staff members to integrate it into their operations seamlessly.

Of course, contact us, and we’ll arrange a trial.

Yes, we can help you integrate OPTAS into your salary, staff, and other hotel management systems. This way, you can use a full infrastructure to have everything at hand.
A happy hotel manager using hospitality scheduling software

Let’s make your job easier. You’ll thank us later.

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