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Focus On Profits And Your Business
While Retail Staff Scheduling Software Does The Boring Work

  • Make schedules for dozens of employees in minutes
  • Keep track of your staff's work hours
  • Schedule based on customer flow
  • Say goodbye to mistakes and complaints from your team
Flower store opened on time

What Our Customers Love About OPTAS

We don't make empty claims. We make running retail stores easier, or at least that's what our customers say.

Owner of flower shop Zita using OPTAS
Zita A.
Owner Of Flower Shop

Scheduling was such a headache in our store. Now with a click of button I get the schedule and then the timesheet. No more Excels in our store.

Department manager Karolis using OPTAS
Karolis I.
Department Manager

Our schedules constantly change and I was always not sure if I did not forget to inform someone. Now with OPTAS I just press Publish and I know that my team is properly informed and will be on their shifts on time.

Cashier Toma using OPTAS
Toma S.

OPTAS is so helpful and easy to use. I like that I can see how many hours I have already worked this month instead of having to ask manager to provide me that information.

Automated Scheduling For Your Team

Manage your entire team with a few clicks of a button.

Fully automated system

Forget complicated sheets and manual work

Creating a schedule for a large team is a challenge only a schedule coordinator understands. Hours spent at the office, countless changes, and complaints from your team… Luckily, there is a better way to do it – through automation! Retail shift scheduling software automatically creates schedules for dozens of employees in minutes, all while complying with labor laws and adjusting to the customer flow.

OPTAS retail scheduling software for easy employee scheduling

System for all your scheduling needs

Schedule, track, analyze in one system

Do you manage stores across the city? What if you need some employees to come to other stores to help during peak hours? Software for retail ensures that you can reach and schedule employees in different departments and stores using only your phone. Make schedules for each team, swap employees from other teams when you need it, and send notifications to make sure everyone's on board.

With OPTAS scheduling software analyze your retail store schedules

Integration with other systems

Create a seamless workflow

You might be wondering: Oh no, not another software… Don't worry, we know that new systems can make things more complicated. That's why our retail scheduling software can be integrated with your existing digital solutions to create one smooth retail business infrastructure. We offer one standard retail solution — no useless functionality or complicated navigation — just easy and quick employee scheduling.

OPTAS employee scheduling can be integrated with other systems

Benefits Of Automated Staff Scheduling For Your Business

Enjoy effortless scheduling while your business and profits grow.
More clarity

Fair and efficient scheduling

Making a schedule for 10 people might only take an hour, but scheduling 50+ workers is a never-ending process. It's inevitable to make mistakes, overbook someone, or forget that they told you they had grandma's birthday coming up. Retail scheduling software eliminates the confusion and schedules everyone based on their quota, considering employee requests, labor laws, and business slow and peak times.

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Store manager checking employee schedules
Optimized payroll

Close financial gaps

Did you know that you're probably losing money? Let's say someone doesn't show up for work one day, and others leave 10 minutes early each day, leading to lost profits for your store. Track your employees' working hours with OPTAS TimeClock functionality to know when they come in and leave. Transfer this information in seconds to your payroll systems to pay a fair salary to every worker.

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Happy accountant getting correct timesheets
Schedules based on customer flow

Change schedules seamlessly

Do you experience a higher volume of customers on Saturdays compared to Mondays? You no longer need to worry about your team's ability to handle increased customer demand. Retail staff scheduling software helps identify your business's peak hours and schedule employees accordingly – more on the days when demand is high and fewer when it's not too busy.

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Customers buying groceries in store
Higher employee retention

Fair schedules for your employees

One of the main complaints employees have when working rotating shifts is that their schedules aren't fair or interfere with their other responsibilities. With our employee scheduling software, input your team's availability, working preferences, and when they can and can't come to work. Does someone have classes in the morning? Put a rule to schedule them to work only in the evenings each month.

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Happy employees means happy customers
Fewer mistakes

Automate scheduling to avoid errors

Employee scheduling mistakes not only increase team dissatisfaction but can also cost you money. Even minor labor law violations can result in substantial fines and penalties for your business. Automated retail employee scheduling software reduces human-made mistakes by 95%, and you can forget about labor law violations as they drop by 80%.

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Manager checking for mistakes

Scheduling Software For Retail In Numbers

Enjoy faster, easier, and cheaper employee scheduling

% less time spent creating schedules

% less time spent tracking employee working hours

% fewer no-shows and latecomers

% fewer labor law requirement violations

Enjoy stress-free scheduling with fully automated retail shift scheduling software

Turn hours spent creating schedules into minutes.

Consultant helping customer

How does software for retail work?

OPTAS makes everything easier for you:

  • 01

    Ask your employees for their schedule preferences

    Ask your employees to put their availability for the upcoming work period to the system.

  • 02

    Choose rules and priorities

    Specify staff demand, select rules and priorities for the auto-scheduler.

  • 03

    Start auto-scheduler

    System automatically creates a schedule for employees based on their availability and the necessary working capacity.

  • 04

    Make changes

    Make changes, add more employees, customize the schedule, and swap team members.

  • 05

    Publish schedule

    Send notifications to employees’ email or phone about new schedules and changes.

Next Steps

If you're ready to automate your retail scheduling processes, let's find the best solution for your business and team.

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  • We'll organize a workshop where you can experience what it's like to fully automate the scheduling for your team
  • If you like what you see, we'll get you ready in no time

Frequently asked questions

All you need to know about OPTAS retail scheduling software.

Retail employee scheduling software is a digital solution designed to optimize and speed up the scheduling process. It automates the manual work to make scheduling more accurate, easier, and quicker, allowing you to focus on your other responsibilities.

Retail employee scheduling software automates the majority of the scheduling process. It finds the right working times for each employee, considers their preferences, complies with your local labor laws, and automatically creates reports on employee attendance that you can use for your payroll systems or employee evaluation.

You can schedule as many employees as you need. OPTAS automatic scheduling solution works best for mid-sized to large teams. That's when you start noticing all those benefits.

You can easily customize OPTAS to your local labor laws. Whenever you overbook your staff or exceed the hourly quota, the system notifies you. Additionally, OPTAS supports English and Lithuanian languages.

Yes, we can help you integrate OPTAS into your payroll, staff, and other store management systems. This way, you can use a full infrastructure to have everything at hand.
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