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Healthcare Staff Scheduling Software
That Does The Work For You

  • One fully automated system that does the work in minutes
  • Rotating schedules for the whole organization or smaller teams
  • All information about hospital staff needs in one system
  • Real-time employee attendance reports
A happy doctor examining a patient.

" When I Heard About OPTAS, I Thought It Must Be It "

See what our clients say about our healthcare staff scheduling software

Doctor Mark using OPTAS
Mark T.
Head of Emergency Department

I have tried many employee scheduling software solutions but none of them solved my department's scheduling problems fully. When I heard about OPTAS I thought it must be it.

Nurse Manager Ieva using OPTAS
Ieva L.
Neurology Department Nurse Manager

I love automated scheduling feature. OPTAS does 90 % of the work for me. I just make small adjustments at the end and the schedule is done for the month.

Head of Finance Department Vaida using OPTAS
Vaida P.
Head of Finance Department

Previously our hospital's accountants would insert timesheet data into payroll system by hand. Now we seamlessly import this data from OPTAS which saves our accountants hundreds of hours.

The Solution You Get

Your goal is to serve people – ours is to serve you and your staff.
Automated system

Effortlessly automate hospital staff scheduling

Hospital administration spends weeks managing schedules and trying to make them work for everyone. You know the drill when it comes to juggling people’s preferences, family obligations, holidays, sick days, and labor laws. On top of that, the hospital must remain fully operational and have enough staff for the patients. With OPTAS, you only need to select rules that apply to your team and organization, and the software does the rest.

OPTAS staff scheduling software automatically assigns shifts to employees
Labor laws

Don’t miss any labor law compliance gaps

Take better care of your staff, knowing they have fair working conditions. Select your local labor law requirements, and the system will automatically notify you if the selected hours exceed the employee’s maximum working capacity.

OPTAS employee scheduling software error notifications
Real-time data

Get to know your staff better

Access real-time data about your staff’s performance. See their working hours, sick days, time off, and other metrics to help you evaluate their work and keep up with their preferences.

OPTAS scheduling software staff work time information

The Benefits Of Healthcare Staff Scheduling Software

Optimize human resources, prevent scheduling mistakes, and improve staff accounting – all while doing less.
Saved time

Make schedules 70% faster

You might spend days if not weeks creating schedules that work for your team. In the end, someone is still overbooked or scheduled to work on their days off. Not anymore, our employee scheduling software for hospitals creates schedules automatically and does calculations within minutes.

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A happy woman using healthcare staff scheduling software
No errors

Create schedules without errors

Creating rotating schedules is like playing sudoku, one mistake can throw off the whole process. Instead of wracking your brain to spot a tiny mistake, the system automates the entire process and goes through millions of variations to find what works for your team.

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Two medical staff members at the front desk
Fair for everyone

Schedules that everybody likes

No more double booking, working several shifts in a row, or even working together with that one colleague that you would rather avoid. Choose your team’s schedule preferences, and the system will find a suitable fit for your staff. You can also adapt the schedule to the days your organization tends to be busy to avoid always scheduling the same people.

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A doctor and a colleague checking hospital staff management software
Clear time and attendance tracking

Accurate work time accounting

OPTAS staff scheduling software for healthcare tracks employee working hours, time off, sick days, parental days off, etc., to give you a clear image of what’s happening in your organization. It’s a helpful tool to evaluate your team’s performance and find the gaps that can be improved.

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A doctor with his arms crossed.
One system for all departments

All employee schedules in one place

If your medical staff works in different departments, scheduling can be even more complicated. Our scheduling solution considers other departments and uses this data to make fair schedules for everyone, no matter how big your hospital or clinic is.

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A smiling doctor using employee scheduling software for hospitals

Other Features We Think You Might Like

A standard solution with features that are made to work for hospitals and clinics.

On-call employee scheduling
Digital working time accounting sheets
Easy integration with other systems
Team involvement in scheduling
Notifications about schedule changes

Don’t dread making schedules again

Let’s see how we can work together.

Two doctors examining medical images

How Our Healthcare Staff Scheduling Software Works

When we say that OPTAS makes your work easier, we mean it every step of the way. It’s that simple:

  • 01

    Request employee availability

    Ask your employees to put their availability for the upcoming work period.

  • 02

    Set rules

    Specify staff demand, select rules and priorities for the auto-scheduler.

  • 03

    Start auto-scheduler to work

    The system automatically creates a schedule based on the staffing demand, employee availability and preferences.

  • 04

    Make changes

    You can make necessary changes to customize the schedule.

  • 05

    Publish schedule

    Receive notifications to your phone about new schedules or any changes.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to automate your staff scheduling, let’s find the optimal solution for your organization.

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  • We’ll arrange a discovery call to discuss your needs
  • We’ll organize a workshop for you to get the feeling of what it’s like to fully automate medical staff scheduling
  • If you like what you see, we’ll get you ready in no time

Are You Still On The Fence?

Find answers to the frequently asked questions or contact us to talk to an expert.

OPTAS is customizable, allowing clinics with several employees and large hospitals with thousands of staff members to integrate it into their operations seamlessly.

Our system is highly customizable, meaning you can select a wide range of rules and preferences to comply with your local labor laws.

Of course, contact us, and we’ll arrange a trial.

Yes, you can integrate OPTAS with other systems you use in your organization, such as staff, salary, document management systems, etc.
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Let’s make your job easier. You’ll thank us later.

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